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Questionable Intellect

September 6, 2008

Intelligence question

This young cat questions the ability of your mind to compute and comprehend basic information.

picture: public domain
caption: me


August 24, 2008


picture: Public Domain
caption: me

Lolfishy sees what you did there.


August 23, 2008

twister lolcat

picture: meghin davis
caption me



July 29, 2008

platform lolcat

picture: Steven Drattell
caption: me

Just a regular cat surveying the land for resources… such as cheeseburgers and vespene gas.

Phone cat

July 18, 2008

phonesurrey lolcat

All he’s doing is sleeping. He’s not in ur base, and he’s not killin ur doodz.

picture: Susan Vanderloop
caption: me