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behind bars

July 29, 2008

behindbars lolcat

picture: Steven Drattell
caption: me

This cat was caught smuggling catnip.


UFO cat

June 25, 2007

this lolcat is like weirdo mode… kinda

remote control cat

June 22, 2007

ready to run! also includez a gun for when ur tired of it. 😈

idiot dance

June 20, 2007

That cat in the background thinks they are crazy.

How is it hard? All you have to do is act like an idiot. (Which, in fact, you are doing right now.)

Don’t worry

May 31, 2007

We can take over the world soon enough.


May 31, 2007

…not really…

hi we R ducks

May 30, 2007

wut the–