Perfect disguise.

picture: lizcdy711_2007
caption: me


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9 Responses to “Burritokitteh”

  1. Kate Says:

    This is now the background on my computer.

  2. Rini4e Says:

    Or: purrito.

  3. Calvin Says:

    hehe. he so cute, i could just eat him right up

  4. Ashley Says:

    When i’m having a bad day at work i just pull it up on the iphone and have a coffee break!

  5. HalloweenLover Says:

    lol hes so cute i want one im gonna eat it lol

  6. Josie Says:


  7. jo Says:

    ohh my desktop now!!!

  8. Brandon Says:

    Classic, now my background on my computer. 😀

  9. sarah Says:

    ok, this one was funny, but the other ones,like the catfish one, was kinda weird,and it was hard to get. i didnt really like it.

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