the other kat kongs:




8 Responses to “KAT KONG 3”

  1. Kathryn Says:


  2. Ghost Says:

    dude, get it right, its a police box. not a phone booth…

  3. Kenny Says:

    It’s not a phone booth. It’s a police box.

  4. lolanimals Says:

    Hey thats the Tardas!

  5. putAbullet2me Says:

    thatt is a TARDIS u twat! and the only reason it be there is coz kat kong be majorly evil and the doctor has to save the universe, YAY

  6. kira Says:

    ohnoes!its attacking the doctor!

  7. Kia Says:

    OMG liek ’tis da TARDIS!! Dat cat roks mah socks now.

  8. Kia Says:

    P.S. – TARDIS = time and relative dimension in space . The Doctors’ friend, and travel method. And the two of them together = my sundays.

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